All of our preliminary matches will be scheduled directly between you and your opponent(s), starting immediately. Maximum flexibility given, but also maximum foresight required! Especially those of you playing in multiple tournaments: get your matches scheduled and played ahead of all stated deadlines. If not, you'll end up playing 5 or 6 matches in a deadline weekend. Anyone NOT getting their match scheduled and played is subject to default....the entire match-up, not just one player/team.

Semis and Finals are scheduled for the last weekend in September and the first two weekends in October. But even there, we'll try to be flexible. Keep in touch with Marc Faber and Gordon Wurmstich.


1) Best 2 out of 3 sets. Any sets that go to a tiebreaker (at 6-6) play to 7 points and Coman style, must win by 2

2) Someone spin a racquet to see who serves. It doesn't matter who. winner of spin chooses to serve, or the side. loser of spin chooses whatever winner didn't choose (the starting side or the serve)

3) Sunset is earlier and earlier, so schedule matches during the week after 5.30 is risky. IF YOU AND OPPONENT CAN ONLY PLAY DURING THE WEEK, DECIDE AMONG ALL PARTICIPANTS BEFORE THE MATCH STARTS IF YOU WANT TO PLAY A 10 POINT TIEBREAKER (MUST WIN BY 2) IN LIEU OF A 3RD SET. All 2 (or 4) players must agree. If not, finish play form the point where darkness fell and play stopped (any single player can decide that they're no longer able to see due to darkness) at next earliest time, before the deadline for the round in question.

4) If you can't see a ball CLEARLY OUT, IT'S GOOD. Be sure, be courteous. We all make mistakes, but if you don't see it all the way, 100%, didn't touch any part of the line, no doubt about it OUT, then you must call it GOOD. No "I'm not sure so let's play a let". It's clearly out, or it's good.

5) Keep ahead of the schedule. the draws with double elimination formats especially need to be mindful of keeping ahead of deadlines. Any SERIOUS issues in scheduling should be reported to Gordon Wurmstich. but git 'er done yourselves. We're ALL busy, so figure it out anyway.

6) Report results via email to Fran Weiss ( or and Marc Faber (

Draws are below

Best of luck!

Remaining Schedule per 10/3/2019:

Sun Oct 27:

2:00 PM: Mixed Doubles A Final at Warren: Tommy/Laura vs winner of Jorge/Jane - Val/Nelly

Bracket Champions:

Men's Plucky Singles: Valentin Bukki

Men's Doubles: Valentin Bukki/Bijo Puthenpurayil

Men's Delicious Heights Singles: Mohammad Tehrani

Men's T.O.T.H. Singles: Nroop Bhavsar

Women's Singles: Megan DeGraff-McMennamy

Women's Doubles: Laura Govan/Michelle Chung

Mixed Doubles: Jane Lai/Jorge Vergara

Mixed Delicious Hieghts Doubles: David Chan/Edith Wisniewski

Mixed doubles Plucky schedule (2019)

Mixed doubles Delicious Heights schedule (2019)

Women's doubles schedule (2019)

Men's Singles Plucky schedule (2019)

Men's Singles Plucky schedule (2019)

Men's Singles Delicious Heights double elimination schedule (2019)

Men's Singles Delicious Heights double elimination schedule (2019)

Men's Singles T.O.T.H. double elimination schedule (2019)

Women's Singles schedule (2019)

Megan DeGraff-McMenamy (1) vs Carol Hansen (2)

Match Results

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