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HCTA Club Championships

The Summer Round Robin is well on its way and it's good to see everybody play!

In August, we will have our club championships tournament. This will be different from the Summer Round Robin.

It will be organized on weekends and will be an elimination tournament. We will have doubles and singles matches and potentially A and B brackets.

For the doubles matches, there will be no combined rating maximum and you do not have to play with the same partner whom you signed up with for the Summer round Robin tournament.

Depending on the number of entries, we may have qualifier rounds that have to be completed before the tournament starts.

This will be spread over multiple weekends so you can enter multiple brackets if you wish.

Please start thinking about who you want to play with and look out for an email to register for this tournament. A list of active players can be found here:

Enjoy the summer and keep playing!


HCTA board

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