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Please click here to register if you would like to participate in the summer round robins.


You may register for more than 1 Round Robin: MIXED DOUBLES, WOMEN'S, or MEN'S DOUBLES.  When registering for a League, please be sure to have your partner's name, email, phone, and current HCTA rating.  In order to keep it as flexible as possible, each team will be responsible for scheduling their own matches when convenient for both teams. After you complete a match, email your scores to Marc Faber at to report your scores. All scores will be posted on the Hills Tennis website. The brackets will go out with rules and guidelines once we know how many teams are registered.


The combined rating of a team may not exceed 8.5


You must be a 2021 HCTA member to participate. The deadline for registration is July 13th. The Summer Round Robin will start on July 17th and will end on Friday, September 2nd.


If you are new to the league, please contact Marc Faber to arrange a rating session to ensure you are placed in the appropriate bracket. Marc can be reached at 954.531.3887.


Thank you!

Dave Govan

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